J-LAB has been providing clients with EDI solutions since 1986. We have helped clients select the proper software and hardware to implement EDI. We have installed and configured EDI software on PC systems that serve as front ends to our clients' main accounting/business environments.

We have trained clients in the use of the installed PC software. We have conducted two-day seminars to help users understand the concepts of EDI in general, and the installation of the EMANIO Trading Partner PC package in particular. Our experience in EDI has involved setting up trading partnerships with just about all the major retail chains. We have worked with KOHLS, K-MART, WAL-MART, SEARS, J C PENNEY, TARGET, MACYS, DILLARDS and many others. We have established relationships with the EDI and logistics staffs at many of these chains.

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These retail chains generally use VANs (value added networks) as a place to drop and pick up EDI transmissions and our experience has put us in touch with many of the most frequently used ones - GXS, INOVIS, STERLING). Again, we have established personal working relationships with many of the people staffing the support lines at these VANs. We also have implemented direct supplier to customer EDI connections using AS2.

There are many documents transmitted using EDI and we have worked with a great deal of them (purchase orders, invoices, advanced shipping notices, purchase order changes, remittance advice, point-of-sale data, purchase order inquiry). Our client base consists primarily of users in the New York Metropolitan area, but we have done custom programming for clients throughout the United States, including clients in Providence, RI, Dallas, TX, Butler, PA, Charlotte, NC, Fayetteville, IN, and Fremont, CA.

We have worked with clients at all levels, ranging from small one-person data processing shops to mainframe environments with dozens in their development staff. We have done custom programming to interface EDI data with existing systems of many different types. We have worked with users on PC networks, IBM S/38, AS/400, IBM RS/6000, and IBM 3090 mainframes.

We have accommodated many clients who depend on support from outside systems houses by working closely with those houses to integrate EDI data with any of their custom systems. The interfacing done has involved both the uploading of P.O. data and the downloading of invoice/ASN data, eliminating PO data entry and allowing for electronic submission of invoices and ASNs. In addition to the custom integration, we have been asked by many clients to provide them with custom reports on the PC so that they can do some analysis of incoming data before the data reaches their main system for processing.

We have also done many projects involving bar-code applications. These include UPC ticketing for merchandise and UCC-128 EDI shipping labels for carton identification.